I have 2 wireless routers (R1, R2) in my local area network (LAN). R1 is the main router, has IP and DHCP address pool R2 is in bridge mode and connects with R1. R2 has IP, and DHCP address pool (actually DHCP service is now disabled automatically).

I have a problem. When I use a device, say my PC, to connect to Internet from R2, I get an IP Now I cannot go to to change the settings of R2. I cannot visit the page successfully, neither use ping command.

The answer is the subnet mask. Now I have subnet mask, which is the same as R1 and R2’s default setting. This mask treat IPs begin with 192.168.0. and 192.168.1. as different LAN. The easiest way now is setting all device with subnet mask 254 = 0b11111110 Then my devices will treat 192.168.0.xxx and 192.168.1.xxx as a same subnet. And I can easily go to setting pages of R1 and R2.

Also, now I can open DHCP service with R2. It can assign IPs among to devices directly connected to it.