Hello everyone! This is my first post.

In this post, I will teach you how to make a website just like this one using Jekyll. Even if you know nothing about how to write a webpage, it will only take few minutes. In fact, I am also a green hand and not familiar with everything of Jekyll, but let’s study together.

First, you could go to Burela’s House-O-Blog to find the easily way to install Jekyll by Chocolatey. Follow his steps and it only takes 2 steps.

Then in command prompt use Jekyll new blog to creat a new project or just fork this project at Github. After going into the folder (cd blog), use Jekyll serve to start the service.

Open your browser, type in http://localhost:4000/, press Enter and that’s it!

You may notice this is just a rewrite of Burela’s method. I post this just for a review of the contents myself.

This line is for demonstration of catalog.

Have a good day!